LoyalT® for Large Businesses

Magnify the value of your loyalty program

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LoyalT® magnifies your loyalty program performance

Loyalty Currency Partnerships
Your partners can issue your currency or their own currency that are exchangeable to your currency. Smart Contracts enabling highly flexible and profitable engagements with partners.
Fast partner on-boarding
Our 'Fast On-boarding' technology lets your SME partners to self-onboard and reward your currencies in as little as 15 minutes while the large business partners are guaranteed to go live within a week.
Flexibility & complete control
Freedom of selecting your currency trading partners and defining engagement rules in the Smart Contract.  Smart Contracts are changeable at run time via mutual consensus leading to profitable engagement.

Easy Partnerships

Improved liability management & reporting
Blockchain enables tracking end-to-end provenance of each currency issued, preventing fraud, easing liability management & regulatory reporting.
Automatic reconciliation & settlement
Save on all your cost of reconciliation. We are built on blockchain and we take care of financial settlements between partners.
Enable resale & incentivise to sale more of your currency
Tag your sales force with the partners and products they are promoting, with utmost ease. The network will keep a track of each sale and pay commission based on your set rules.

Advanced Program

Maximize loyalty participation
'LaaS' - the most advanced and currency exchange enabled loyalty program for your partners who do not have a loyalty program solution of their own. 'LaaS' is free for your partners to use.
Intuitive app for consumers
With the LoyalT Consumer app, your customers can track, collect, spend, gift, donate & exchange points between brands. Our app can be white labelled for your brand.
AI driven recommendations
Blockchain network tracks and traces customers & generates data to which we apply advanced Machine Learning algorithms to recommend the best offers & campaigns.
Partner driven self-service campaign
Enable your partners to run promotions on demand which will lead to more issuance of your currency and profitable engagement with your partners.

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Issue rewards points free of charge
Transaction fees will be charged only on redemption
We provide a complete loyalty solution if you don’t have one.
Easy with API integration
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White-label LoyalT® network

Use our platform and invite your partners
Easy API integration with your partner
Pay only when you start using the network for transactions
We will handle all the financial settlements between your partners
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