LoyalT® for Consumers

Own the way you redeem your reward points

Join new loyalty programs from local to global brands

Leave the hassle of tiresome registrations. Scan QR code at the till and become a member of a program in one second.

Add all loyalty cards & track in real-time. Never miss a reward again!

Collect & redeem points with one tap

Scan the QR code at the till or choose LoyalT during checkout. Points get updated on your app, instantly.

Spend as you desire!

Convert & consolidate reward points.

Convert & consolidate your points to your preferred program, in real-time and free of charge.

LoyalT retains the value of your points a 100%
Did you know? Current solutions take days to convert points between programmes andabsorbs up to 80% of the value of those points

Gift points to family & friends

Gift points with a personalised note to anyone across the globe, anytime.

Your personalized text for friends & family...

Donate points to the charity of choice

20000+ global charities at your fingertips to make a donation.

Best deals & offers

Receive best deal & offers with LoyalT's personalised recommendation engine.

Refer & earn

Earn commissions for a year on referring businesses to LoyalT. Earn points on referring the app to users.

Plan your redemptions and redeem for a higher value with the LoyalT® Planner

Keep collecting reward points from your daily shopping

Reach redemption threshold on selected source programmes

LoyalT will automatically convert & consolidate to your destination programme

Create your goal to start with.

Select a destination program to which your points will be converted

Select as many source programs as you want to convert your points from

Track your point balance on destination program as it keeps converting points from source programs

The points get converted to your set destination program automatically when you reach redemption threshold on any of the source programs.

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