LoyalT® will bring benefits to the entire loyalty ecosystem

Large Businesses

can use our network to collaborate with partners to make their points redeemable across the brands in the network .The network will track and trace customer activities for improved personalization.


can create their own reward program solution at no cost while making their points attractive by making them exchangeable to larger brands. AI enabled recommendation engine will help them to create appealing campaigns and send instantly to the customers' mobile app- generating in-moment engagement.

Affiliates & agencies

can earn commissions by introducing and connecting reward programs with the network.


can track, collect, spend, gift, donate, exchange & combine reward points in real-time, for a high value redemption- all from one mobile app.

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Value Propositions

Outcome driven

We charge only when loyalty points are either redeemed or exchanged. Campaigns are charged by their success rates.

Fast & scalable

Any business with an existing loyalty program can use our network and scale quickly by onboarding new partners.

AI driven recommendations

Improve brand advocacy by offering higher levels of personalization.

Secure & irrefutable

Protected from all fraudulent activities leading to establish trust between businesses, globally.

Globalize & grow

Business without a loyalty program can create a program solution with us and start rewarding customers immediately.

One integration, global partnerships

Collaborate with a network of reward programs from various industries.

LoyalT® for


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LoyalT® Exchange

Drive customer behavior with qualified recommendations from LoyalT®

We are introducing a lifestyle mobile app for consumers to track, collect, spend, gift, donate, exchange & combine all their reward points for a high value redemption. LoyalT® sends real-time insights and recommendations to the brands to provide maximum personalisation to keep their customers engaged.

Brands will be able to improve future campaign performance through track & trace feature that captures the campaign acceptance rate as per consumer's preferences, time of the day, geo-location and spend.


Receive campaign recommendations that have a higher chance of success


Improve personalisation with insights on customer profiles based on their LoyalT® Wallet share


Engage more with levelling-up and unlocks, missions and goal setting. Make it an enjoyable experience

The team behind LoyalT®

The team has more than 150 years of experience collectively and comes from finance & payment industry background

Animesh Ghosh

Founder & CEO

Animesh is a Blockchain technology thought leader and public speaker with 23+ years of experience

Sergey Iglov

Co-founder & Chief Infrastrucutre & Security Officer

IT professional with 12+ years of experience focusing on Infrastructure, security and operations in financial sector. Combine both leadership and team player skills acquired through working in a different positions in large UK banks. Passionate about learning new skills and techniques, long time animal lover with four mischievous dogs at home.

IT professional with 12+ years of experience focusing on Infrastructure, security and operations in financial sec...

Rajib Ghosh

Co-Founder & CRO

An industry leader and expert in Technology services and sales, passionate about making life easier with technology enablement for consumers across the world.

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