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LoyalT® for Affiliates

Welcome to LoyalT®, the global network for loyalty programs

We are expanding our network by connecting loyalty programs, worldwide. Earn commissions by referring businesses to the network.

Earn for a year for every business you refer

Our affiliates say...

A win-win for the businesses and me. It takes hardly anytime so I can easily manage a full-time role plus being a LoyalT affiliate. The real-time dashboard makes it hassle free and trasparent. The commissions are great

Working Professional

LoyalT Affiliates is a great way to earn while studying. One-step registration and I am able to refer all the SMEs around the campus. The real-time dashboard allows me to track the progress of each business I refer. I can remind the owner of a diner I referred to check back and walk him through the business registration myself. By the time I am back, customers have already started collecting points on meals and I start earning my cash.

Jenna Paulson
University Student

I have about 20 loyalty stamp cards from the shops I visit at the High Street. It was a breakthrough for them when I approached the shop owners with LoyalT. The Affiliate program is super easy- just like using WhatsApp. I have found a new passion engaging with a top loyalty brand and I get my payouts regularly.
Surely recommend!


Start referring businesses in minutes


A 5 minute online registration and instant access to your Affiliate account.


Get your unique affiliate code and a marketing kit to start engaging businesses readily.


The larger the business and its transactions, the higher will be your commissions

Track your the progress of your referred businesses  in real time

Earn 10%
Of the revenue we make from the business you bring in

for one whole year!

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